Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eccoci: Drinking in The Carbon Footprint

By: Eric Guido

I think by now we've all heard of the carbon footprint. Each and every one of us creates a quantifiable amount of harm to our atmosphere, or planet in general, every day of our lives. We all take, in some way shape or form, and it's through this constant abuse (multiplied by 7 billion people) that our planet is slowly declining into toxicity. It's difficult to see how a single person can make a difference against these staggering numbers. Yet, to do nothing is to simply be another cog in the machine that's polluting us all. It's a pretty grim thought, but the fact is that the idea of a zero carbon footprint is catching on. It's pretty simple really; if you can estimate how much a person or business takes from the earth--then you can estimate how much they can give back in exchange to make up for it.

So what prompted my tree hugging sermon today? Believe it or not, it was a winery: Eccociwine. By now, all of my readers know that I'm a big fan of natural, sustainable, organic and bio-dynamic wines. I'm certainly not someone who would shun any winery for not following these principles, but it is a noble cause--and in my opinion, it shows in the finished product. That's where Eccociwine comes in.

Eccociwine is located in the province of Girona, Spain, about two hours north of Barcelona, at the foot of an inactive volcano and surrounded by a natural park preserve. It's a winery that is built on the principle of restoring an equilibrium with nature while creating wines of inspiring quality and focus. Wines that reflect the land, from soil that has never been treated with chemicals or subjected to industrial abuse. Call it virgin terroir, if you will. From what I've tasted, and considering that the vines were only planted in 2004, there will be great things coming from Eccociwine in the years to come.

At Eccociwine, the grape varieties are French, not Spanish. This was a decision made after completing an analysis of the soils and climate. What's more, the vineyards are planted facing north, in an attempt counteract the change in climate resulting from global warming, as well as the naturally high temperatures in Spain during the summer months. With a mixture of vineyards, some with volcanic and others, alluvial soils, plus a Mediterranean climate with continental influences, the wines at Eccoci are unique, intense, juicy and unquestionably balanced with just enough oak influence to excite the senses.

They are all fruity, yet structured with a soil and mineral core. The tinto premium is sexy and forward, looking for a party. While the Super Premium is dark, mysterious and beautifully backward, it is enjoyable now, but demanding of some time in the cellar to show off its true potential. And as for the Estate White, it’s class in a glass—floral, spicy, soft, yet tense and balanced. This is a winery to watch.

On to the Tasting Notes:

2011 Eccociwine Estate White - The nose showed lemon and lime with sweet white floral tones, spice and moist minerals. It was fresh with weighty textures on the palate and flavors of sweet apple, spice and inner floral notes which lasted into the refreshing finish. (90 points)

2008 Eccociwine Empordà Red Wine Premium Girona - The nose was lush with ripe black cherry, hints of dark wood, black earth, herbs and dark chocolate. It splashed onto the palate with sweet blackberry, juicy yet medium-bodied, showing citrus, apple and mineral tones. This was remarkably fresh and clean throughout while remaining concentrated and intense with a beautiful "drink me" personality. The mouthwatering finish begged me to take another sip. Well done. (91 points) Find it on: Wine-Searcher!

2009 Eccociwine Empordà Eccomi Tinto Super Premium Girona - The nose showed intense, savory cherry, a dusting of sweet spice and cocoa with grounding notes of dark earth and minerals. On the palate, it entered firm, yet opened beautifully with masses of concentrated red and black fruits enveloping the senses along with dark chocolate, a note of cherry syrup and black licorice, which lasted throughout the long, dark finish. This was an intense wine, with a refined structure that promises future development. It can easily be enjoyed now but will likely benefit from another year or two in the cellar. (94 points) Find it on Wine-Searcher!


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