Monday, February 20, 2012

Il Caberlot: Not just another Super Tuscan

It’s not often that the real thing lives up to the hype. However, this is not so with Il Caberlot. My immediate reaction after tasting this rare wine was, “I need to buy some.” Il Caberlot is a mono-varietal wine that comes from a grape described as a mix of Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Winemaker Peter Schilling and
Owner Bettina Rogosky
It’s a truly unique wine, with a great deal of recycled information in regards to the winemakers and how it came to be. I won’t bore you with the same old rhetoric. What I will say is this; in a region like Tuscany, where everyone is looking for the next best thing, Carnasciale has already found it with Caberlot. It’s not international in style, nor is it just another Sangiovese. It’s a stunning wine with beautiful, haunting aromatics and a balanced performance on the palate that can be enjoyed young or after bottle age.  It's created with the upmost care, even down to the hand written bottle numbers.

However, this is a rare wine and only found in magnum, but I can assure you that it is worth the hunt. So if you think you know Tuscany and what it’s capable of, and if hunting down the same old overpriced Brunello or Super Tuscan has left you feeling unfulfilled; I suggest finding Caberlot. It doesn’t get much more exclusive and it is certainly worth the hype.

On to the notes:

2008 Podere Il Carnasciale Il Caberlot – The nose was rich and earthy, showing red and black fruits, with pepper, herbs and soil. On the palate, it was full and balanced with ripe mixed berries and spice. The finish lasted long with pleasant linger berry notes. (94 points)

2007 Podere Il Carnasciale Il Caberlot – The nose showed red berries, spice, pepper, herbs and candle wax. On the palate, it was rich and focused with wild berries and herbs. With time in the glass it widened and turned to riper fruit tones. The finish was long and enjoyable with a hint of this wine’s tannic structure. (93 points)

1999 Podere Il Carnasciale Il Caberlot – The nose showed moist fall leaves, pepper and dried strawberry. On the palate, it was soft as silk with dark red fruits and spice. The long finish was full of strawberry tones and herbal notes. This was a beautiful bottle after 13 years in the winery cellar. (93 points)

One place I know you can find these at is, The Rare Wine Company.  A California based retailer/importer that I have grown to trust over the years.


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