Friday, May 3, 2013

The V.I.P. Table In The Media

Benito’s Wine Reviews recently interviewed me. We chatted about all things food, wine and family. It’s a great site, not only for wine but food as well. Author, Ben Carter is a man driven by good food and wine; you can tell by his blog. It’s loaded with recipes, tips, tricks and culinary perspectives from a well-versed and experienced cook. I’m pretty sure the next time we meet, there will be some serious collaborations going on in the kitchen. So if you’re looking to know a little more about me, check out the interview, but even if you don’t, Wine by Benito is well worth having in your bookmarks.

Caprese Salad at The V.I.P. Table
Also in the media this week, Meg Houston Maker just published her piece “Wine With Salad: Pairing Tricks from the Pros” at Palate Press. I was happy to be one of the collaborating chefs to give my thoughts on the subject, as well as lending them some of my photos to use. This is another excellent author that you should be watching, whether it is for food, wine, nature, culture, or place. Meg’s work can also be found at and at Maker’s Table.


  1. Eric,

    It was a pleasure talking with you, though it would have been much more enjoyable yet less productive in person. We start opening bottles, I bring out the bitters collection, a braise-off begins, and then it's four a.m. and I say, "Wait a second, I was supposed to be recording this..."


  2. Eric, many thanks for contributing your insights and beautiful photography to the article. Your recommendations were spot-on and demonstrated the breadth of your expertise. Readers will be grateful to read them, I'm sure.


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