Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Break

My busy summer season is upon me and as usual, I'll be taking a break from updating The V.I.P. Table through August. Hopefully you will spend this time drinking great wine and pairing it well with your daily meals. My publications on Snooth will continue uninterrupted and The V.I.P. Table will be back to regular updates in September.

Recently added to Snooth: Pairing Zinfandel

It’s the dog days of summer. During these times I find myself most often at the grill. Whether it’s a weeknight, weekend or holiday, the grill is where I want to be. However, not every wine can stand up to the char, the spices and the sauces that grilled food is best known for. There is one wine that can handle it in spades, and that’s Zinfandel... Click here to read more!

Thank you to all of my readers.  Enjoy your summer!