Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pairing Food and Wine on Snooth

With how busy this year has been, I just realized that I never introduced one of my newest projects with Snooth Media. As of the beginning of this year, I moved on from being a Snooth contributor, to now being a full fledge freelance writer with a regular column on food and wine pairings as well as inclusion in Snooth’s new digital magazine. It’s been a good run and it just keeps on getting better.

This has been a great opportunity for me, to both expand my contacts and have access to a lot more wine to taste. As a result, I’m able to bring my readers an expanded selection of reviews with each update. And there’s even more to come. With an entire year of assignments ahead of me, you can expect to see food and wine pairing articles on pairing Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Spanish and Portuguese wines and a big project on Northern Italian reds.

Below, I’ve listed a number of articles that have already been published this year. As for The V.I.P. Table, nothing has changed; you can expect me to continue delivering my take on the world of wine. If there’s anything you’d like to see or a way you think I can improve this site, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again, and enjoy.

Pairing Riesling

I find it funny that Riesling is always hailed as one of the greatest (if the not the greatest) white wine varieties and yet so few people have it in their cellars or use it at the dinner table. Honestly, it’s a shame. The fact is, Riesling is one of the best food-combining wines. Not just because of its mouthwatering acidity or intense fruit, but because it comes in so many varying degrees of sweetness that you can almost always find a Riesling that will go with your meal... Click here to read more!

Pairing Rose

The wine world is suddenly catching on; there’s nothing wrong with drinking rosé. In my time, I’ve heard people talk down rosé more than any other style of wine. Why? Some will say it was the rise of White Zinfandel that forever left a mark on rosé. People looked at a pink, sparkling glass and thought of grandma’s sweet summer wine or the cheap headache-inducing stuff they were poured at a wedding. Honestly, I don’t think this is the only reason. I believe that in some regions (especially New World), rosé has been the red-headed stepchild of many winemakers. Recently, we are seeing a significant rise in quality across the board... Click here to read more!

Pairing Sauvignon Blanc

Spring is here with summer around the corner, and although I will miss the big, structured red wines that I love so much, this time of year has me longing for Sauvignon Blanc... Click here to read more!

Pairing with Grenache

I often think of Grenache as an easy pleaser. If I’m on the way out the door to go to a party or need to pull that bottle for a friend who has asked for something that’s sure to impress, I almost always go with Grenache. Why? Because the majority of Grenache is fun to drink and easy to understand... Click here to read more!

Pairing Meritage and Bordeaux style wines

For many people, wine appreciation, collecting and drinking begins and ends with Bordeaux. You may not even realize it, but it is primarily two grapes that make up the lion's share of the Bordeaux blend, namely Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with Cabernet Franc trailing as a close third. When dining at the average restaurant that serves wine by the glass, chances are there will always be a Cabernet Sauvignon, and there will likely be a Merlot on the list as well... Click here to read more!

Pairing White Rhone Wines With Food

When most people think of the Northern Rhône, they don't think of white wine. It's really no surprise that Viognier (one of the principal white grapes of the region) had nearly gone extinct only fifty years ago, with just eight acres planted across the entire region. Now, Viognier, as well as Marsanne and Roussanne, have spread across the world. Viognier, being the most popular of these varietals, has found success in South America, Australia, California and even Virginia. Frankly, we're lucky to have Viognier in our arsenal of food-friendly wines because its versatility allows it to pair well with some of the more difficult wine-pairing cuisines around the world... Click here to read more!

Sangiovese Food and Wine Pairings

Sangiovese is easily one of my favorite wines to pair with food. It’s versatile, with many different interpretations that open up numerous opportunities for pairings. I would place Sangiovese in my top five food-friendly wines, with many examples simply needing food to shine. I can’t tell you how many times the comment, “this needs food,” has been made when discussing Chianti, Brunello or Vino Nobile... Click here to read more!

Pairing Syrah From Around The World

Whether it is classic reds from the Northern-Rhône, rich and powerful Aussie Shiraz or the dark and sultry Californian expression of the Rhone Rangers, Syrah is the underdog that slowly continues to gain ground. The interesting Syrah identity crisis is the only thing holding it back from worldwide renown. For example, the average person doesn’t know that Syrah is the grape behind Crozes Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie and the alias “Shiraz” has become more synonymous with Australia than an actual grape varietal... Click here to read more!


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